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Accessibility Testing

The aim of the course is to extend an idea and get more experience in digital accessibility testing after the theoretical course “Accessibility testing basics” finishing.

Course content

2 hoursUniversal design. Creating and testing accessible learning/work materials 2 hours

2 hoursScreen reader using on different devices, OS, applications. Difference.2 hours

Web/Mobile UI attributes which allow screen readers to provide correct and descriptive information to users

4 hoursPractical information about how to work with the A11y design and development team. 4 hours

Needed information selecting for efficient A11y defects reporting

Appropriate Accessibility testing strategy selecting (WCAG recommendations adoption to different (Web/Mobile/Desktop) projects)

Tips and tricks for effective A11y testing


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create accessible learning/work materials
  • Use the screen reader on different devices (Mobile/Desktop)
  • Use the screen reader on different applications (Mobile/Desktop/Web)
  • Select appropriate Accessibility strategy
  • Provide descriptive for A11y team defects, full of the necessary information on the appropriate level
  • Use helpful tips and tricks for effective A11y testing


We will issue an official certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed a course and are ready to kick-start your career in IT.

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