Introduction to Docker and CI/CD - TDL School

Introduction to Docker and CI/CD

The aim of the course is to educate students about the benefits of practicing CI/CD in software development projects and prepare them for being able to create their own software delivery pipelines. Additionally teach about Docker and Docker Compose usage to create isolated environments for software applications and their usage in scope of CI/CD process improvements.

Course content

2 hoursTheory - Introduction to Docker2 hours


Benefits of using Docker, Docker vs Virtual machine

What is docker image and container?

Docker image creation

Docker registries and their use

Dockerfile syntax

Running, managing and inspecting docker containers

Docker Compose

3 hoursWorkshop - Docker image creation, container management 3 hours

3 hoursWorkshop - Docker Compose3 hours

1 hourTheory - Introduction to CI/CD1 hour


What is CI/CD?

How does CI/CD improve the quality of deliverables?

Pipeline structure, creation and benefits of having one

Tools for CI/CD

3 hoursWorkshop - Pipeline concept, pipeline creation in Jenkins3 hours

2 hoursWorkshop - Simple Pipeline creation in GoCD2 hours


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • define Dockerfiles with specific set of instructions
  • create docker images based on Dockerfiles or manually applied actions on another container
  • run docker containers and manage them
  • understand docker image repositories and their usage
  • understand docker-compose benefits
  • define and setup services via docker-compose
  • understand CI/CD real life usage in software delivery
  • create simple declarative pipeline in Jenkins
  • create simple pipelines in GoCD


We will issue an official certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed a course and are ready to kick-start your career in IT.

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