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JavaScript and Web Automation with WebdriverIO

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the basics of programming and JavaScript programming language and expand their knowledge further by doing practical tasks. After gaining an adequate skill level in JavaScript programming, participants will learn automation. During the automation part of the program, participants will learn how to create a new automation project from start to finish, including continuous integration and version control management.

Course content

2 hoursIntroduction to JavaScript programing language2 hours

2 hoursVariables and operators in JavaScript2 hours

3 hoursFunctions in JavaScript3 hours

3 hoursObjects and Classes in JavaScript3 hours

1 hourIntroduction to Node.js framework1 hour

4 hoursApplying knowledge in practical programming tasks4 hours

0.5 hoursIntroduction to automation0.5 hours

2 hoursSetting up new WebdriverIO project2 hours

0.5 hoursWorking with Git0.5 hours

3 hoursWriting scenarios with cucumber3 hours

0.5 hoursBuilding project architecture0.5 hours

0.5 hoursWorld object0.5 hours

2 hoursPage objects and elements2 hours

0.5 hoursApplying clean code practice0.5 hours

0.5 hoursRegular expression patterns0.5 hours

0.5 hoursEvaluating test results0.5 hours

0.5 hoursTest hooks0.5 hours

1 hourJenkins CI1 hour


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • analyse program code in JavaScript programming language
  • write program code in JavaScript to solve Junior level programing tasks
  • create new projects in node.js
  • understand basics of web automation
  • understand structure of more advanced programming projects to separate business logic from abstract interfaces and test data
  • read Document Object Tree and write element selectors based on HTML structure or CSS properties
  • understand user stories
  • write test scenarios using Cucumber framework
  • execute automated tests on different browsers in WebdriverIO framework
  • work with Git Version Control Management tools
  • understand basics of Jenkins continuous integration tools and create Jenkins projects
  • understand regular expression patterns
  • assess test results


We will issue an official certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed a course and are ready to kick-start your career in IT.

Everything is provided

In the beginning of the course, you will receive everything you need to start learning successfully.

Training led by experienced professionals

Receive both theoretical and practical knowledge from experienced professionals who are also passionate about teaching.

Opportunity to solve real-life problems

Gain experience in an environment where real-life challenges are presented and solved.