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Mobile Test Automation

The aim of the course is to understand how to find and define element selectors, how to interact with an Android device using Appium and implement it together with Cucumber to create automated tests for Android devices, while keeping in mind best practices for the project structure and test design.

Course content

1 hourIntroduction to Mobile automation1 hour

1 hourConfiguring and launching Appium server1 hour

1 hourIntroduction to Appium Desktop1 hour

1 hourLaunching Appium server and interacting with it using Ruby1 hour

1 hourImplementing Cucumber and page classes1 hour

7 hoursCreating test cases7 hours

3 hoursCommon issues and how to deal with them3 hours

1 hourGenerating test reports, screenshots and maintaining the project in git repository1 hour


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • create an automation project from scratch for Android devices
  • setup Appium server for test automation
  • automate actions with native Android apps
  • create a scalable and logical project structure with as little code duplication as possible
  • create Cucumber test scenarios in Gherkin language and connect every step to a code fragment by step definition
  • understand the main principles of test automation and best test design practices
  • generate a simple report for the executed test cases


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