Software Testing Engineering for Beginners - TDL School

Software Testing Engineering for Beginners

This course is specially created for people wishing to start a career in IT. During this month-long online course you will learn the fundamentals of software testing. The course is taught by experienced software testing engineers who will teach you both theory and practical approaches that will launch your new career in IT. Whether you simply want to upskill or train for an entirely different career, this course will provide you with the motivation you need and the challenges you crave. It’s the perfect combination that guarantees professional growth and success.

Course content

16 hoursIntroduction to Software Testing16 hours

Introduction (testing necessity, industry standards, practical examples). Class exercises in discussion format.

Testing levels. Test types and techniques.

Software testing basics

Software Development Life Cycle - SDLC

Basics of Agile methodology

Practical lessons by using Jira + Xray

Test Case + Execution + Test plan

15 hoursIntroduction to JavaScript15 hours

Introduction to JavaScript programing language

JS setup and covering its basic functionality (variables, decisions, loops)

Functions in JavaScript

Objects and Classes in JavaScript

Introduction to Node.js framework

Applying knowledge in practical tasks

24 hoursWeb Automation with Cypress24 hours

Test automation fundamentals

Basics of page elements and project structure framework basics and setup

Hands-on tutorial of writing and implementing test cases


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • understand and know basic concepts of testing
  • understand the role of testing in the software development process
  • apply software testing tools
  • plan software testing
  • understand testing implementation in Agile projects
  • understand basic test flow by using Xray Jira plugin
  • create a test plan combining it with test executions and cases
  • create a Jira Test dashboard
  • use JavaScript for and its basic functionality for frontend and backend purposes
  • use NPM packages in project
  • create simple unit tests for your code using Mocha and Chai
  • understand test automation fundamentals
  • setup and use framework
  • write and execute simple web UI tests
  • intercept server responses
  • generate Mocha reports for the ran tests


We will issue an official certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed a course and are ready to kick-start your career in IT.

Everything is provided

In the beginning of the course, you will receive everything you need to start learning successfully.

Training led by experienced professionals

Receive both theoretical and practical knowledge from experienced professionals who are also passionate about teaching.

Opportunity to solve real-life problems

Gain experience in an environment where real-life challenges are presented and solved.