Swift Programming Language Basics - TDL School

Swift Programming Language Basics

This course is going to teach the basics of the Swift programming language - the language created by Apple and used in the Apple ecosystem. Course will teach about the language syntax and its type-safe nature starting from variable definition till creating custom classes with its own functionality - and that all will be done by creating a macOS terminal application and updating it through the whole course.

Course content

1 hourData types and operators1 hour

Variables, constants and data types

1 hourString Interpolation; Control flow1 hour

1 hourCollections and Loops1 hour

1 hourFunctions and Enums1 hour

2 hoursOptionals2 hours

2 hoursStructs and Classes2 hours


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • know the meaning of variable and constant, how to name them and store values in them
  • work with the Swift primitive data types - integers, floating point numbers, strings, booleans and collection data types
  • understand the meaning of the "Type Annotation", "Type Safety" and "Type Inference"
  • create custom functions that wrap different functionality
  • perform different operations with different data types
  • read and write a functional Swift code, which consists of structures, classes and different data types
  • create a small, working macOS terminal application


We will issue an official certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed a course and are ready to kick-start your career in IT.

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