Web Automation with Java and Selenium - TDL School

Web Automation with Java and Selenium

The aim of the course is to show students how to set up a fully functioning test automation project using Java programming language, TestNG testing framework and Maven.

Course content

1 hourIntroduction to course1 hour

Short introduction to course

Introduction to Maven project

Setting up prerequisites on machine

Adding external project libraries with maven

1 hourAutomated tests code structure1 hour

Why it is necessary to structure your code

What is specific in Java

Best practices for test automation

1 hourVariables1 hour

How variables are defined and used in Java

Introduction of variable types

What are enumerators

Best practice

1 hourClases1 hour

How classes are declared and used in Java

Best practice

2 hoursTestNG testing framework2 hours

Introduction to TestNG testing framework

Creation of tests

Different types of test execution

Debugging of created tests

1 hourWebdriver and DOM1 hour

What is web driver, why it is needed to automate web application

What is DOM, Web elements

What else can be found in web browser Inspect sections

1 hourLocating web elements1 hour

How web driver is locating web elements, different locator strategies

3 hoursPage Object Model3 hours

What is Page Object Model

Advantages of Page Object Model

Implementation of Page Object Model

2 hoursTest report2 hours

What is test report

How to collect data for report

Different types of reports

1 hourExecution in threads, data providers1 hour

Advantages and disadvantages of test execution in threads

How to use data providers in tests

Different ways to provide data

1 hourTest properties, Global system variables1 hour

How to set up test properties

What should be included in properties file

How to use System properties

Different types of input data

1 hourQuestions you need to answer before starting to code1 hour

What is the main ideas that should be clear before starting to code. For example used languages, how detailed reports will be needed e.t.c.


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • use Page Object Model pattern
  • set up test automation framework from scratch


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