TDL School course types and payment information - TDL School

TDL School course types and payment information

TDL School courses with tuition fee

With tuition fee

TDL School is providing a variety of courses in software testing, software development, programming and many other scopes. Participants will have hands-on experience with modern testing tools and methods in assistance of experienced engineers.

These courses are held:

  • On the weekends;
  • Work day evenings;
  • Online or on-site.

The course is charged a certain fee. The seat amount is limited, therefore participants who missed the opportunity to apply will receive an email about other upcoming courses and will be added to the Waiting List. These courses are for a specific price per seat and one person can secure one seat.

After the completion of the course, the participants receive an official certificate and participants with the best results can be offered an internship or employment position at a partner's company and have a head-start in their IT career alongside experienced professionals in the team.

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TDL School courses with a tuition fee and money-back benefit

With money-back benefit

The Money-Back course type is similar in most parts to the previously mentioned type, however we have some additional conditions for the money-back benefit to apply.

Money-back benefit conditions

Attendants of the course can receive the refund if they qualify for the following three conditions. Partner company of this course commits to pay back to the person spent funds to acquire this course (course fee) in case:

  • If the person passes the course with minimum grade of "8";
  • The partner company offers a person internship or employment position;
  • The person agrees to the offer and signs an internship/employment agreement.

Partner's company will refund the course fee including the first salary in one payment if all three requirements are fulfilled.

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Money-back course process

Register for the course


Pay the tuition fee


Take a course and prove yourself


Receive a certificate


Get a paid internship and receive a refund

Payment process description

After registration:

  1. Receive an email about registration submission;
  2. Receive the invoice;
  3. Pay for the course registration;
  4. Secure a seat in the course;
  5. Receive an email about the learning platform;
  6. Receive an official certificate.


If the participant does not make the payment in time and does not respond to the TDL School email, it is considered as a cancellation of the registration, and the spot is annulled.

The free spot is available for other interested people during the registration or after the registration is closed - offered to the participants from the Waiting List.