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REST API Test Automation

The study course objective is a combination of theoretical lectures and practical workshops focused on REST API test automation using JAVA and Cucumber. Participants will learn how to set up the development environment, add dependencies and create and run automated tests for a REST API system.

Course content

1 hourIntroduction to web services1 hour

0.5 hoursTechnologies used for practical workshops0.5 hours

0.5 hoursIntroduction to Cucumber testing framework0.5 hours

0.5 hoursIntroduction to REST Assured library0.5 hours

1 hourJava Maven project set up1 hour

0.5 hoursBrief introduction to GIT version control0.5 hours

6 hoursCreating a Java test automation project for REST API service6 hours

0.5 hoursTest reports0.5 hours

1.5 hoursConsultations1.5 hours


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • create REST API automated test projects and automate basic test cases using Java programming language with Cucumber test automation framework
  • understand what are web services and how they are used in different software applications
  • understand basic REST API concepts, workflows and security principals
  • understand basics of dependency management using Maven
  • understand the concepts of BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
  • understand basics of reporting test results
  • understand the basics of VCS (Version Control System), in particular case: Github


We will issue an official certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed a course and are ready to kick-start your career in IT.

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Receive both theoretical and practical knowledge from experienced professionals who are also passionate about teaching.

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